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The Foundation Of A Band, The Acoustic Bass Guitar

It seems a little backwards, but the acoustic bass guitar was not created until quite a few years after the electric bass guitar. The reasoning was that if there could be an electric bass guitar, why couldn't there be an acoustic bass guitar? The acoustic bass guitar would be better suited for playing alongside the acoustic guitar, just as the electric bass guitar would be more suited to playing alongside the electric guitar. One might question why the acoustic bass guitar was not created sooner; the answer to this could easily be that there just wasn't any real need for it before. Like the acoustic guitar, the acoustic bass guitar is made with a hollow body instead of a solid one and is a little larger in size. Some of these will have frets, just like the acoustic guitar, but some don't have them and it usually only has four strings, though there are some that have more strings. It is lower, so it can be difficult to hear. This is why they will often have to be played while using pickups, this way it can be ...


Do You Have Musical Talent?

Whether it is singing, playing the guitar or piano, everyone has some measure of musical talent. Music is all about passion and creativity. Some people can pick up on an instrument or song quickly, while others have to practice everyday to obtain quality results. If you have an excitement for music, you should explore your musical passion of choice to see what talent may be waiting to get out.GuitarIf the guitar is your musical instrument of choice, begin by either purchasing or renting a guitar. Take some piano lessons online or from a local guitar teacher. There are many online sites that provide students with everything they need to learn to play the guitar. If you have never played guitar before, be patient. It will take a while before you can play your favorite song. You will have to learn how to care for your guitar, how to tune it, learn how to play the notes...etc. You will have a number of exercises that will have to be practiced everyday. If you have talent and the dedication, it will not be long b...


Fazioli Piano Care Tips

If you are the owner of a Fazioli piano, you are in possession of a very high quality musical instrument. With the best of care, your Fazioli piano will last a lifetime, and then some, but it's important that you treat it right. Never, ever attempt to do any maintenance yourself. It might appear like a relatively simple thing to do, a slight adjustment, but you can do serious damage to the piano by attempting to work on it yourself. General CareThere are a few common sense rules to follow when handling your piano. Keeping it protected from extreme temperatures is a given, you'll want your piano to be kept in a room or studio where the temperature is constant and humidity is low. Direct sunlight will not only fade your piano, but can cause problems with the tuning. Using curtains to protect your investment is a good idea. Avoid use of cleansers when cleaning the piano. A feather duster will help remove dust without scratching the finish, after which a cloth may be used to wipe it down. Your piano dealer may ha...


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