Fazioli Piano Care Tips

If you are the owner of a Fazioli piano, you are in possession of a very high quality musical instrument. With the best of care, your Fazioli piano will last a lifetime, and then some, but it's important that you treat it right.

Never, ever attempt to do any maintenance yourself. It might appear like a relatively simple thing to do, a slight adjustment, but you can do serious damage to the piano by attempting to work on it yourself.

General Care
There are a few common sense rules to follow when handling your piano. Keeping it protected from extreme temperatures is a given, you'll want your piano to be kept in a room or studio where the temperature is constant and humidity is low. Direct sunlight will not only fade your piano, but can cause problems with the tuning. Using curtains to protect your investment is a good idea.

Avoid use of cleansers when cleaning the piano. A feather duster will help remove dust without scratching the finish, after which a cloth may be used to wipe it down. Your piano dealer may have specific recommendations regarding the cleaning of the piano, so be sure to ask.

Make sure to use different cleaning cloths for the keys, one for white keys and one for the black keys to keep things neat and unspoiled. Again, no cleaners should be used unless your Fazioli dealership suggests one that is safe for use on the piano.

Specialized Care
Your Fazioli piano is a delicate instrument and requires a certified professional to work on it. Make sure you only hire someone with experience in this particular brand of piano, since they will be familiar with the subtleties that make a Fazioli produce its high quality sound.

To find a certified technician, you can speak to the dealership where you purchased the piano. They will most likely offer the service themselves or they will be able to refer you to someone who will do the job correctly.

Whether or not your piano is used regularly, you'll need to have it tuned twice a year. This will help prevent warping and the technician can inspect for any other damage during the tuning, as well. Since a piano becomes out of tune slowly over time, our ears tend to adapt and we don't notice that the sound is off until it is drastically so. Having regular tunings will ensure that your piano always sounds its best.

The action and voicing of the Fazioli piano should be checked once a year. This will require a professional, as well. This is an area that requires specialized care and attention to ensure that your piano stays in perfect condition. Only an expert will have the right tools and expertise for the job, so don't attempt to do it yourself.

Most of looking after your piano is simply common sense. Things like keeping food and liquids away from your precision musical instrument is something that everyone should know already. You may also want to cover the piano with a drop cloth when not in use to protect it from dust which can scratch the fine finish, as well as get inside and cause issues with the soundboard.

By looking after your Fazioli piano, protecting it from potential problems and ensuring that it is regularly maintained by a certified profession, you'll be able to use your piano for decades and perhaps even pass it on to your descendents, still in great condition. Talk to your dealer about any special care tips before you buy and then follow them for the best results.


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