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What Exactly Is A Harp Guitar?

Many people have never even heard of harp guitars, and their appearance on stage or in a music hall is likely to generate interest end curiosity before it has even begun to be played. A harp guitar sounds very much as though it has managed to combine the standard guitar with an instrument normally seen being manhandled onto a stage by a couple of strong men, and the idea of combining two such different instruments certainly sounds intriguing.If you have never seen a harp guitar before, you may already be envisaging some instrument in your mind which managed to combine the traditional image of a guitar with the classical, almost fairy tale impression of a harp - but how? In fact, a physical combination of the two traditional shapes and designs of the instruments is almost exactly what a harp guitar is. The harp guitar is certainly rare, but at its heart it is still simply a standard six string instrument, following the design and features of an ordinary six string guitar. However, just above these normal, stan...


How To Initiate Your Child Into Music Lessons

IntroductionThere are many parents these days that want their children to learn how to do something musical. This could be vocal music lessons or it could be learning to play an instrument like the piano. People tend to feel that their children will be far more accomplished in life if they learn some musical skill. Furthermore, people tend to feel that their children will have a hobby that can carry them through the rest of life if they learn how to be musical at a very young age. This can certainly be a good idea, but you need to be careful if you want to broach the idea to your child in such a way as to make them accept it. Generally, there are three approaches that you can take when it comes to initiating your child into music lessons.The Hardliner ApproachInterestingly enough, the hardliner approach is actually the easiest approach to pull off. You don't need any level of dexterity when it comes to this approach. In fact, all you need is a willingness to take a mallet and just go into the conversation swi...


What Makes A Classical Guitar Different To Other Types Of Guitar?

When you think of guitars, many people immediately think about one of two types - either the popular electric guitar used so prevalently by bands and groups that produce popular music, and the classical guitars more traditionally used for softer music, and classical music itself. The one distinctive attribute of a classical guitar is its ability to allow the musician to construct and play arrangements of music with multiple notes being played simultaneously, what is known as polyphonic music, and this is similar is in many respects to the traditional pianoforte.This ability to play polyphonic music is the one aspect above all others that sets the classical guitar aside from other types, including the popular acoustic guitar, bass guitars and the electric guitars, which are more limited in the notes and combinations which can be played. Although often it may be suggested that classical guitars are not the only type to be capable of this polyphonic sound, and that flamenco guitars offer the same opportunity, th...


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